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byGalinos, June 6, 2013
Jtag Members Directory
The component is OK but it is very poor programmed, some things are not working as expected and are buggy. Support tries to help and gives hints and snippets where to correct something, but you have to do the all the work alone and altering the core files. An installation version with all these issues corrected has arrived yet.
I'll give three stars only because it has an active support and does (with many bugs, after correcting these manually) what it should do. Otherwise one star would be my vote.
It is the only one component of that kind I found. I hope, it will be get better in future.
Very nice module! Something like that should be standard in VM!

Important feature request: Only the subcategories from actual selected / opened category should be shown, not all sub-cats (maybe selectable as option in the mod config).