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JoomBall Cookies
Thanks a lot for this useful and well working '4 Cookie law' module (allows to hide top menus till cookies will be accepted.
Graçies! (Thanks!)
byGammX1, October 11, 2014
Add Custom Javascript
Useful when needing to add/ load a provided JavaScript...
At my side runninh a JA_tempate that don't provide ... section inside its index.php file I didn't see other way to include the CODE provided by 'sublimevideo' that allow to call their excelent remote player...
This add-on saved me and now the player works fine!
>> Thanks a lot for that!
byGammX1, October 10, 2014
Logout Button
Hi there,
Under Joomla 3.3.+ if you wish to use a menu link for that follows this steps:
- Install plugin & enable it
- Create a new 'Logout' menu as # 'External URL' and look for its 'Link Type' tab and insert the provided class 'f90-logout-button' to the 'Link CSS Style' field.
- Finally, set 'REGISTeRED' access level to that 'Logout' menu and 'GUEST' access level to your 'Login' menu.
Hope this may help others. too!... Thanks for this simple but excellent plugin,
Owner's reply


Thank you so much for the review.

Team Function90

Started on FREE version 1.3.0 and now already working with TrackTime PRO 1.5.0 Stable, and I'm very happy how fast and on the right way, this component is evolving!
If you are a freelance that works for third party websites development, maintenace or administration this component will help you to have all the projects, timmings & charges under control!!
- Note that no one will save you of 'template-override some default component forms, language-override some default definitions and even to fight more than once with the custom fields re-orgering, again and again but... At the end you will be very happy with the latest PRO version!!
- The best of all is that 'Davide' has a open ear for everyone an to every suggestion and he respond to every tip or question quicky and under a very professional manner. if you stuck or have a need for help no doubt he will provide you the answer or the right way where to look!
Thanks, Davide for this excellent component and keep up the good work,
ACL Manager
Just being with the default Joomla! 2.5 ACL support is not enough! Just because a lot of JED advertised Joomla! 2.5 READY components have not implemented ACL support, yet and this can be a big nightmare if you need to 'access denied' to an especific 'User Group' some of those NOT YET well upgraded components...
ACL Manager not only gives a good interface through where edit your 'access permissions'...
NOW is adding ACL support by itself even to those wrongly updated components without ACL support integrated.

Even the help and quick answers received from Sander Potjer and his article: deserves an additional 5 stars rating!!

Thanks a lot for all of that and keep-up the good work! :-)
byGammX1, June 10, 2012
Cookie Monster
Had some conflicts with JA_Elastica template from (with its old JQuery 1.6.4 version & its commpression built-in feature).
Developer provided a patch guide to have 'Cookie Monter' working correctly.
Thanks 'Mustaq' for your patience & close support.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a review, it is appreciated and it was a pleasure helping you get rid of that other jQuery lib.

byGammX1, April 11, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Works excellent as advertised over Joomla! 2.5.4... Thank You!
Just to have the option to activate ECC+ at the LOGIN form, too should be very helpfull to stop the big amount of BOT frontend login attempts received daily (surely must be a good reason to not have this as an option seeing that the default CAPTCHA built-in Joomla 2.5 has not that option, too)... No doubt that to have that option at ECC+ on future releases should make the difference!
Thanks for providing it and keep-up the good work! Cheers!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and feature request!

Admin Tools Professional
Excellent component that makes the must have security rules + the creation of your .htaccess custom file, normally a very tedious task, to be easily done, mantained & punctually updated through the AT component, when needed.
Even the provided well done PDF guide and all its detailed and valuable info. worth the cost paid for the Admin Tools Pro Subscription by far.
Thanks a lot for that and keep-up the good work and superb support!
byGammX1, February 1, 2012
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Pay per Download
Superb integration with Phoca Download component, using its complementary PPD plugin, if the target is to sell your files online.
- Needed some learning and training period till arrive to understand its concept and how works, to be able to change the way I'm currently offering my products / services... but finally worth every effort and of course, every cent I paid for the GOLD licence.
- I needed to integrate my old users to the new system linked to a license and 'Ratmil' created a new complementary component than performed the import users job in a breeze!... Awersome!
'Ratmil' thanks a lot for sharing this excellent component and again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your close support and patience answering my doubts & questions!
byGammX1, March 1, 2010
AJAX Register
Easy implementation and runs with no problem on my site with JA_Purity_II template by default. Highly recommended!... Keep up the good work!
ProJoom Multi Rotator
As per my point of view the best Banner and/or Image rotator with very nice rotation effect. Very well centring capabilities that helps a lot if used in "fluid" templates.
I needed help from Projoom to meet my need to publish my affiliates banners (remote images) and their technical support works very hard to adjusted the module to meet my needs very quickly.
Thanks to all the Projoom team for their excellent work and post sales customer support.
Keep up the good work!
Gabriel Munoz
byGammX1, February 9, 2009
Joom Donation
Fully tested version 1.1 (not yet the 1.2) and works perfect as described. Received a quick an excelent suport through its site suport forum, to solve an small bug and aditional guidelines for personal configuration needs. I highly recomend this extension an its support team.
I heve requested a new feature to be included on future version ": Minimum amount allowed field" that you can see here:
Thanks and keep up the work to improve it!
Gabriel Munoz
Owner's reply

Thanks for your nice review. The feature
"Minimum amount allowed field" is now available on the lastest version of the extension .