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byGardner, September 24, 2010
What can I say that hasn't been said already? JomSocial is a fantastic extension. It adds unique value to any website and it works like a charm with very little setup, config, hacking etc (unlike some extensions which are a nightmare). The support staff has always been responsive in my experience (as long as you are posting your issues in the appropriate places) and beyond that there are plenty of other knowledgeable users on the forum... ready to share what they've learned running a JomSocial site. No Joomla! extension is perfect, but this one sets the bar much higher when it comes to quality. I hope the folks at Azrul continue to develop and support this software for years to come.
byGardner, January 21, 2010
OK, I only decided to write a review because I am frustrated. But I will try to be fair as well.

I wonder if the owner will reply... since they only seem to pounce on the users that say bad things down there.

This component is certainly powerful and a wonderful way to extend your Joomla website. It has great potential and a lot of the features really should have been in the Core of the CMS anyway. I am currently using it in a small production website. It has allowed me to do some awesome things with my content, and with my ACL for contributors etc!

That said there are some major thorn-in-the-side issues after really using this thing for a while.

First and foremost, there is almost NO documentation for the thing. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in. Setup a dev server and start hacking through it.

The forum (a ning community funny enough) is OK. The developers answer questions from time-to-time but really don't support this thing well enough. I understand it is non-commercial and they have better things to do... gotta pay the bills... but it's really tough sometimes when you simply can't find answers to basic questions. Or all you find is about 10 other posts from other users asking the same question without getting an answer. The best support I've gotten comes from working together with other users who are having the same issue(s) and just figuring it out collectively... often without a Dev even chiming in.

I would gladly pay for this component if it was slightly more mature, documented, and supported vigorously.

The "modal" window for the editor is about the worst idea I have ever seen. It causes front-end writers to lock their articles all the time by clicking outside the lightbox (now disabled in latest version)... OR folks on laptops with small screen res simply can't see the close button to check-in their item. This is terrible! I spent many hours on workarounds for this. (i know i know, it's open source and it's free).

Whitespace. Holy crap. They are using a br clearing method in all the php... and while this renders fine on FF and others... it makes for a nightmare in a webkit browser like Safari or Chrome. The k2 content module is virtually useless to me for this reason right now. Webkit browsers are rendering anywhere from 2 - 4 line breaks in a content list... around the breadcrumbs and after some titles. It's very frustrating. And I have so far been unable to find a solution within the k2 community website. But I have found plenty of people complaining and directly asking for Devs to chime in... to no avail.

All that said this IS a very good component with a lot of potential. It's almost kind of sad how much I am willing to deal with it's shortcomings just because the features it does add are so important to my website now.

Devs. Please keep up the good work on the component. PLEASE document it... and make it even better!