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byGarfieldLeChat, January 20, 2014
XiUS for JomSocial
It makes claims of "2. Search Complex Queries : It can search any information in any Joomla Table via relevant plugins. "

Except it can't not in any real terms...

It can search them sure but rather than as is implied returning a set of search results on the 'Any Tables' it appends these to the user table and shows them as a user attribute rather than as a set of search results for the chosen table/ info criteria you've selected.

Which of course is an entirely different thing. Previous support form Joomlaxi was superb however in recent times the forum is now littered with comments which suggest the current team doesn't know their components or indeed understand how they work. There's thread after thread of support deskers saying no it doesn't do that only to be asked to reread the question and answer what's been asked. The stock answer has gone from how can we help to no it doesn't work like that, when often it not only does work like that but the entire focus of the question has been missed.

Shame in the space of around 3 months they've gone from hero to zero, thank goodness their code is GPL here's hoping someone else picks up the code and returns the service levels and components to the previously high levels and support standards joomlaxi used to provide.
byGarfieldLeChat, August 14, 2009
One of the sexiest slickest component/modules to be presented as free software this year throughout the JED, in my opinion.
Works well and first time, with few teething problems it will take around 40 mins to set up but this is more a case of going through the excellent documentation and working out what you need to do (it might take longer if you are less experienced; that being said the documentation really is quite detailed without the diving into unfathomable or badly translated confusing statements).
First time I’ve ever given full marks in the JED.

Well done.