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byGary3995, October 27, 2011
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This is a good module for the $25 cost and the support is excellent. And importantly, it works in a Joomla module position - i.e. not just within content articles.

However, be aware that the module is currently not compatible with K2 because it does not recognise K2 categories.

My Config = Joomla 1.5.24 + K2 2.5

There is however a work-around - if are using K2 this means you have to:
1. Create core Joomla sections and categories - the module only feeds articles from categories ... i.e. you cannot select the articles you want there - well except by unpublishing those you don't
2. Create core Joomla articles with the content you want to display - i.e. not K2 "items"
3. Then these will be published in the module

I have submitted these observations to the support team who told me they will work on a proper fix to this issue.

But I must say the support team were very responsive to my questions on this - so full marks there.

I must also note that something missing from the rather poor documentation provided is the need to - if you want to use the module more than once - after install, go to Extensions/Module Manager and create a copy of the module ... and enable it and then rename it to the specific purpose. That way you have the original module available for another copy and use.