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byGenkaiNashi, April 28, 2010
Phoca Gallery
I've been using Phoca Gallery for quite some time, and have donated more than once. It is truly one of the best gallery's I've used. Also, a lot of the php files are commented so easy customization if you need. I've managed to customize a lot of PG's features. If I've ever had a problem the forum has always been helpful. Also, there is a lot of potential for improvement as well, and Jan is great at following through on requests. Truly a passionate developer for a great product.
JCK Editor
I loved JoomlaFCK, but when I tried to run JoomlaCK I could not get it to load. First, I could not install using the JoomlaCK 3.2 zip, there were errors - so I had to unzip and install from a directory. Second, I could not load the editor - all I received was a blank page with parse errors. Third, there was no information provided on the support forum. I tried multiple fixes myself and still it still would not work. I had to switch back to JoomlaFCK (the prior version).
Owner's reply

Hi GenkaiNashi, since we released the new 3.2 version, only four users have reported an installation problem on our fourms or an issue with the editor not loading. In every situation we have either provided a fix or worked with the user to find a positive resolve. We currntly maintain a 100% success rate with all users using the recomemded Joomla configration.

byGenkaiNashi, July 12, 2009
This is a great way of integrating a forum into a website. I love the simplicity. The frame wrapper works out really well as well, making the forum seem integrated. I definitely do not mind that the wrapper does not work on IE versions before 7, since IE 6 etc. should really be phased out anyway. Wrapper works well on Firefox and Chrome. The only thing missing is a way to integrate the Registration link into your forum. Right now, I have hacked the phpBB file to include an always on registration link to allow Registrations from the forum (so that users don't have to go to another page to register).
byGenkaiNashi, July 11, 2009
Phoca PDF
This is a great PDF component to replace the fair Joomla PDF component. For some reason the built-in PDF couldn't handle tables and formatting, it always broke the formatting. Phoca PDF manages to keep the formatting which is really great. However, I do wish there were more fonts available or that we can install the fonts that are used on the site. Otherwise, this is an excellent component.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review. In Phoca PDF, there is a font manager and you can install every font you need (this font needs to be ready for installing under Phoca PDF, ask on Phoca Forum how to do such font package)

Thank you, Jan