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byGenoPeppino, July 13, 2012
Slider for K2
This is a really cool little module. I can't think of another one that works quite like this. PixelPoint is really great at out of the box extensions.

But this is a free extension, and maybe for that reason, it hasn't received all the attention it should from the programmers.

The settings panel is lacking. Why not give the option for vertical (rows) or horizontal (columns) or even both.

You must use all three panels. ...why? Why not 2 panels, or 5 panels, or (again) two rows of three panels.

This module is gorgeous, but only works for people who have exactly three categories they want items pulled from, and who want to display exactly three items in a row.

After close to two years, I can only hope they re-evaluate this extension, and decide it's worth some new features.
TZ AdsWord
This extension works just fine, and does everything it says it does.

It also serves a great purpose, which others fail to grasp.

Selling keywords as an ad service for content developers should be a no-brainer.

Imagine you write a food blog, and Jim Bob's Burger Barn wants to advertise with you. Why not sell him the word "BURGER"? This way, anytime the word "burger" appears in a blog, it automatically shows up as a link to his website. The writer need not link it manually everytime.

Huge opportunity for revenue. You simply go into the backend and configure it so that every time it finds the word "burger" it links it automatically to

That easy.

BUT, as I said, it isn't yet a GREAT extension. I'd like to see this version stay non-commercial, but I think they should start work on a commercial version that has all the features we've come to expect in banner management.

Clients, Target, Impressions, tracking, etc. This can't work as a legit revenue stream unless it has those features.

Also, Automatical Modal iframe pop-ups should be an option.

I hacked it with JCE Mediabox so that it works automatically, but I'd like to see it as an option in the back end.
Owner's reply

Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions. We're rushing to publish a new version of TZ Adsword with new features and more complete as in your feedback.
Let follow and enjoy it!

byGenoPeppino, May 11, 2012
Weever Apps
I do like this, and I would probably recommend to almost any business owner... BUT....

Let's start with the good -

Price: Very affordable service.

Features: Surprising amount of useful features you'll want for almost any business. It's an all in solution, and you're bound to find something you'll want it for.

Documentation/Support: Great Documentation, didn't need any support.

The bad -

I can't find any way to work with restricted content. If you use the item tab for a 'registered' access level item, you'll get spinning and if you try to post a category, it won't even appear as an option.

This is very bad for certain people...

Let's say I run a newspaper website using a JA template. When people get on their laptops or pc's to visit this newspaper website, they are instructed to login using their newspaper subscription info to receive the full content which is set to 'subscribers' only on the "access level".

They login, receive their content, all is well.

Because I'm using JA, I already have a T3 framework for my template, which means the news website is already mobile browsing compatible, with convenient drop-downs and all the other perks. It gives them the ability to login, and once they do they can see content meant only for 'subscribers'.

But let's say I want to use the app instead. Well, apparently you're out of luck because there is no way to restrict your content to a group without leaving it off all together (which is pointless).

Of course, you could sell the app in a store instead of using a subscription based service, then people could use it like they do any other app, BUT (again a big one) the app is a web link "with no App Store barriers!"

Great selling point on one hand, but what if your content is subscriber based?

Again, this is perfect for a company that offers general content across a broad spectrum of distribution platforms (ie youtube, twitter)...

I just hope they figure out a method to make content available, with restriction settings for joomla access levels.
Owner's reply

Hi Geno, thanks for the great review.

Re: access control/restricted content we're actually in testing for this capability right now. We have it nearly ready for 1.5 public testing, and 2.5 shortly after. If you'd like to be one of the first to try it out, please submit a ticket to us quoting me here and I'll make sure we get it out to you as soon as its ready.


byGenoPeppino, July 8, 2010
Nice PayPal Button
Eyashwant says it best. They pack a LOT in to this inexpensive paypal solution. I had it set up in no time. If the developer doesn't have a tutorial vid, I recommend they make one, because there is a bit of reading. But I get paid to read instructions, so the only person to lose points on that is me.

In any case, it was done and set up in no time.

And now I have a simple method of payment on my site without installing an unnecessarily hefty E-Commerce solution.

byGenoPeppino, July 6, 2010
Anything Tabs
This works VERY WELL. It is extremely simple and easy to understand. Out of the box this will likely meet your needs. It has at least a half dozen options for appearance.

For me though, I just wanted the latest logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace and I wanted them to be twice as big as the styling allowed.

Luckily this was a VERY CLEAN php doc. I found the size and positioning an absolute breeze to adjust. After that, it was just a matter of dropping the new images into a folder I would never use (green).

5 stars, highly recommend to anyone.
byGenoPeppino, June 23, 2010
Last update on Oct 16, 2009... this has long been the problem with VM. They rarely update, and never drastically update their extension.

VM is still a decent component offering more features than most competitors, and the community is still active enough that questions are getting answered.

But their promises of an upgrade are becoming a joke.

So here I review the 'latest' release of VM:

Configuration: Not as bad as people suggest. It takes some time, and some youtube tutorial videos.

The problem lies in trying to make any changes once it's live. You can very easily 'break' it. So if you are setting this up to be managed by someone else, make sure they know what not to touch, unless you want to be looking up default settings on the forum.

Management: A breeze. People who imply adding/changing items, taking and changing order statuses, and accepting payments isn't easy are full of it.

UI: Not terrible, but leaves much to be desired. The short answer - it isn't very intuitive. Nothing seems to be where one might expect to find it. Also, many of the settings (configuration issue as well) seem to be poorly labeled - and it's not clear what certain things are for, so you try to leave much of it alone.

Features: Probably more features than any other Joomla eCom Component. The Shipping Modules are fantastic (again - youtube tutorials on the set up), and the attributes (ex: +$20 for XXXL) is great. There are a ton I don't use though. It's well rounded for almost any type of eCom Site.

A bitter-sweet aspect is third party developer extensions. For the most part, I love the stuff people are out there producing, but for things like SEF!... this should have been built in as an option from the beginning of 1.5 native.

Look: Templates and other setting allow much flexibility in the look. I have found and reported some bugs which didn't seem to gain much attention. Oh, well.

The total of this bring me to 4 stars, but with its dwindling community, invisible development team, and the rise of valid competition, it could easily fall to a 3 star rating.

On the flip side, if they release a completely retooled version in the very near future with a slue of new options, easier configuration and a generally improved User Interface, I could give it a 5 star rating.

I'm going to get booed for suggesting this, but I'd be alright with VM going commercial (for a very reasonable price, of course) IF they ever get their shtuff straight!
byGenoPeppino, June 23, 2010
First: I haven't used the new one. This is based on the non-commercial version by the same name. I understand that sometimes things need to go commercial, so zero points off for that. Also noteworthy, the price point is more than reasonable - especially given the features they are adding.

But, my experience is with the 1.0.9 version (I think that's right). And that experience was uneventful, which given other people's feedback, is the best possible result.

I never had a single problem.

However, I can't give this a 5 star rating. The 'support' people get from the forum is obtrusively defensive. Anyone suggesting they have encountered 'THE' problem seem to receive cold, unhelpful responses.

Never having experienced 'THE' problem, I can't speak to it, but the evidence seems indicate there may be something to it, and for the support to ignore that and give short, perhaps rude, answers puts me off.

I removed the old version from all my sites since it is no longer supported. I'll upgrade one day, but I would like to see a different approach to customer support.
byGenoPeppino, June 23, 2010
News Show Pro GK4
Robert Gavick's team is relatively small, and yet they continue to amaze with extensions like this, and the stunning templates that utilize it.

I originally started using GK Extensions over a year ago, and have since join the template club to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

News Show Pro GK 4 is their greatest advancement thus far. I still use their last version on several sites, so I've been able to compare side by side, and they have made this one much simpler to understand (probably my biggest gripe as I install this on sites I don't manage).

There isn't much to say outside of 'it's great' because what it does and how it works is self-explanatory.

I can't speak to the paid support for the extensions, because my template developer license/support covers this and any other problems. That support has been good for the most part.

What I really want to see now, is an update on Tabs Manager and Photoslide (especially in making Photoslide more user friendly). Also to see them all a bit more integrated would be a nice touch.

But, 5 stars on it's functionality, and utility.
byGenoPeppino, June 17, 2010
Admin Forever
This does fit a need of mine. I don't want to increase the sessions at all unless I'm running a forum. But the backend of a site is where the work gets done, and I take long breaks. The biggest pain is having to log back in, especially when you run additional security.

So, I've been using this since it first showed up. I run it in live sites (because I'm crazy) with no problems. I don't know what bug fixes there have been, but I have yet to update my original.