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George of the Jungle

byGeorge of the Jungle, May 15, 2013
I used Redshop on two sites. I´m a not-stupid but-no-programmer-Joomla user, I don´t know much about PHP and CSS.
Redshop appeared to be a BAD choice then.
It took me HOURS of tweeking, contacting the support, waiting, contacting again, trying myself and so on.
Especially the tweeking the graphics is a pain in the b...
The support is okay, a little slow sometimes, they know what they are talking about, but they are (as programmers) not very good in explaining one like me, what to do. So you have to define your questions VERY precisely.
Even if you pay for the Pro (which I did) you won´t get better or faster support. I actually never found out what I paid for.
It took me a couple of weeks to set up each shop. The second shop wasn´t easier than the first one: I simply couldn´t remember the menues again, even though I tried the whole process before.

I´m an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and have been working professionally with 3D for 15 years. But I really don´t understand the menues in Redshop.

In the end I thought it was me that was stupid and that I shouldn´t work with webshops (even though it just SHOULD be software that everybody can learn).
Untill I found Hikashop.
Other Joomla based shops are probably good. But it took me a SINGLE day to set up a simple shop.
I contacted the support a few times and got an answer in 20 minutes. And (even though they are French;-)) I understand what they are talking about.
byGeorge of the Jungle, November 10, 2011
Simple Pop-Up
This plugin is SO obvious, SO simple and SO well-working, that it is almost genious!
I have an article with 20 links, that activates 20 different PopUps: No problem at all!

Even though it is free, the support from Anders Wasen is also amazingly efficient and fast.

Of course we all need an elegant popup on our Joomla site at some point.
SimplePopUp is all you need. You can even have a slideshow in your PopUp!
byGeorge of the Jungle, September 23, 2011
Flexi Contact
Flexicontact is perfect. Nice and easy. GREAT captcha!
Thank you VERY much!