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byGeri, May 3, 2013
OSE Membership™
I have used OSE for 3 years and can't wait to dump it for a better product (going to try Membership Pro, by OSSolutions)

- Users have been getting 3 blank emails every month, instead of one expiration reminder, which they are supposed to receive. The support team tried and tried to fix this but basically kept saying, okay we did x,yz, so it shouldn't happen again. My frustrated users still get them!

- There are NUMEROUS problems and nuisances in the back end, like the Pending list and membership controls for the admin.

- Best of all, their staff deleted my entire content, thinking they were on my TEST site, when they were really working on the LIVE site. (They extended my membership for one year as an apology, which hardly made up for the hassle they put me through.)

- Other nagging problems have arisen in the past months. Subscriptions are paid, but marked in the backend as Expired, even though the dates are correct. (I extend the date by a single minute manually, and it reverts to Active. HUH?)

I think Shaun is quite responsive to support tickets (kudos to him), but they are clearly over their heads and over-extended.
Owner's reply

Hi Geri

We looked back the ticket histories and found this is an issue reported long time ago. For the 'blank emails' issues, we have tried everything to find out the cause (which does not happen to any other client's website) but really cannot identify the issue and find out the root cause (we have turned off the notification functions already, and ensure if email does not have subjects or content will not be sent out, but failed to achieve this.). It might be related to your previous developers' customized JCS IPN file, which updates the members membership every month.

This is the same as the subscription update issue. The subscription profile you reported were mainly created from the previous subscription system in the Joomla website, and the customized JCS IPN file created by your previous developer is responsible to update the membership status correctly. We provided a very detailed investigation report on this as well.

We are sorry to hear that our service cannot satisfy you, and we will try our best to improve our service to ensure the service of higher quality will be delivered to all of our customers.

Yours sincerely
OSE Support Team