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En Masse
I bought this extension a couple months back and I am very pleased with it.

There were some bugs and some adjustments which we needed, plus an adjustment to the payment gateway for which we paid a couple hundred dollars. The support and response time from the team cannot be faulted.

Yes, if you want to get this up and running as a profitable business then you will need to be serious about your website and treat it like a business and not a hobby. In any business you will spend a certain amount on various expenses. In launching our social buying website, En Masse has added the most value for least amount of money.

If you consider the potential of a social buying website, you will never complain at the price, the bug finding or any extra development of En Masse - it will help you make more money than you spend on it. Period.

If you choose to go with the component then good luck and wish your business to grow from strength to strength.