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Hi there,
I downloaded this great plugin and I must say I'm impressed because it is actually working perfectly, super easy to setup and very good looking !
I would give a 100% satisfaction, so far, but it needs 1 last thing for me before actually being considered as the best of all : the possibility to hide it when you don't want it on the screen because it's overlaying something else. I'm putting myself in the skin of somebody visiting my website and getting anoyed because he can not read something hidden by the plugin display. So if you would have a little cross to close it (slide it out for exemple), that would be just fantastic ! Actually, you could keep an icon on screen, if you click on it it would call back the full display, see what I mean ?
Anyway, Dusanka keep up with a very good job and hope you find my comment worth working on for the next release !
cheers, Giom.
Owner's reply

Hello Giom,

Thank you very much for your comment, rating and for your very good suggestion.

Regarding the issue with the ShareThisBar overlapping content on a page, did you try to position the ShareThisBar plugin on the screen with the following parameter: "Bar left(or right) position correction" , so that the plugin position was closer to the edge of the screen.

Kind regards from Dusanka.

Rentalot Plus
I've been looking for a good product in order to manage the activities I'm running in a big touristic place in France and I had 5 important points I was taking a lot of care about...
I needed :
1 - a product with a wide range of configurable options which I could use for different kind of activities (accomodations, seminar rooms, sport activities...)
2 - a product with a very good UserGuide in order to be able to work with it fast and easy
3 - a product with a reasonnable price
4 - a product with full language support in order to build multi language websites
5 - a product developped by a team which offers a full support in case there would be any problem.

I looked around for a long time and tried different extensions, and I really thought I would never find something to suit all my requirements... until I found RENTALOT PLUS. I read all the nice reviews for this extension and I decided to trust everyone and tried it myself...

I can tell you I'm just really amazed ! The product forfill absolutely all my requirements and kept even more possibilities open ! It is super flexible, userfriendly, with a super good userguide and an amazing quick, honest, helpfull and friendly support !

Once again, thank you to LesArbresDesign for this GREAT JOB and keep up developping !

If you still hesitate to try it, please stop thinking and just TRY IT, you'll be satisfied right away !