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byGladiolo, April 7, 2013
A must for any site that wants to be accessible in other languages. Very highly recommended. Easy to install, concise and direct instructions to be installed, published and ready to run. Congratulations!
byGladiolo, January 21, 2012
SWFobject module
This extension works great! It did what it said, and also it taught me to implement something in joomla that I didn't know how to do it. Just pay attention to the parameter's info and it will guide you (with a little knowledge of your part) to what should be done to make it work. Thank you for the good job and I hope you will keep update it later on!
byGladiolo, January 21, 2012
I don't comment much about extensions. This module is simply excelent! Simply to implement and very efective doing what is being said it will do. If this is the non-commercial version (it does enough and more for my blog), I would like to see what else can do the commercial version. Congratulation for your work, and thank you for providing free for the little guy such a handy tool.
byGladiolo, February 23, 2011
Week of Words
This module has not the attention it should. It has to be explore more. It has multiple uses and it can be adapted to whatever need you might have regarding specific content text (that might include photos, etc.). Not to forget that it can be place anywhere in your site. It is easy to deploy and set as is stated by the creators. Thank you for the good work!
byGladiolo, December 17, 2010
A lot has been said already about this extension. So, I can't said much about it. I am not a geek regarding Joomla and Web technologies, but I didn't have any problem using and deploying this extension. It works exactly the way the author says it will work! I have a personal blog that I pretend will become helpful to some people. Well, this extension will help me to do that because it enriches my blog content. I haven't needed support yet, so I cannot talk about it. Keep the excellent job, please!
byGladiolo, December 16, 2010
Simple Image Holder
This extension is one that you have to have. I don't see anything to criticize. I use it in a personal blog and it helps me to enhanced it very well with its many possible uses. I don't have that much experience with Joomla and web technologies, so when I find an extension like this one I feel very happy because of its easy usage and deployment. Thanks for your inventive!
Long time ago I was looking for a simple mp3 player to use in my blog. 1pixelout encarnation of this well know design player is perfect. It's minimalist in its design, easy to costum, and for such an smal package (and very unexpensive: $3.00) with several features that only can be found in more known brands. I use 1pixelout in my blog to enrich with sound my articles, and it does that job very well. I am not a professional, my knowledge building a site is intuitive more than anything else. For that reason, quality, easyness and affordablity are quality well appreciated by me. I had a small problem to costum the player and e-mailed to its developer. I got a fast, easy to understand, and well presented response that helped me to solve my issue quickly. However, I went to see the tutorial videos at first and found that their quality is very poor. Please, improve that area of support to your costumers. Congratulations for your excelent product and support! I personally recommend this plug in!