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byGmaassen, November 10, 2013
This extension works extremely well. We use it for a website where owners of a book can download additional resources.

As suggested by other reviewers, it would be useful if we can have multiple phrases.

Other than that, this extension is perfect. Thanks so much for making it available to the community.
byGmaassen, November 8, 2013
Terms of Service
I am so pleased with this excellent component. I have been searching for a while for an easy, lightweight component that requires registered users to accept the terms of our website.

We have developed a website for hiking enthusiasts in Jordan and needed a way to ensure registered users understand our terms before they can download GPS trails.

With this component, which works out of the box, we have less a headache managing subscriptions.

Thanks so much for making this component available to the community.

byGmaassen, July 6, 2011
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If my memory serves me correctly, LazyDbBackup was introduced on January 29, 2011 based on the excellent plugin called LazyBackup developed by Stefan Granholm. A great moment in Joomla plugin history.

Robert Gastaud, the developer of the latest iteration of the plugin, has done the Joomla community a great service by updating this extremely useful plugin to backup your Joomla databases.

We use it for all our sites to automatically backup the database once a week by email, which we use for our local backups running on WAMP.

A big thanks to both developers for writing such a high quality and reliable piece of software.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your review, Gmaassen

byGmaassen, June 4, 2011
Flyout Tabs
A very nice concept to utilize extra space on your site. The icons are great and the tabs are easy to configure.

One request to the developer: Can you please as an example insert for new users info for one tab with a path to the image and the home page. I tried five module positions, but did not see the tabs on the site. It took me a while to figure out that you first need to fill out the path to the image and the link before the tab is shown on the site.

Great work. We give five stars to the developer.
Owner's reply

Dear Gmaassen, Thanks for your kind review and suggestion regarding a default set-up for one of the tabs. I started out with this feature but took it away for a number of reasons. Will look into improving the documentations for this with the next release.

byGmaassen, January 18, 2011
flashChart Content
FlashCharts is a free, high quality framework for presenting interactive graphs on the web. Designed by an enthusiastic group of developers, the framework could be a bit daunting to non-PhP enthusiasts when they want to use it on Joomla websites. This should not stop them (or you). Joachim Schmidt has developed a great plugin so everyone who can insert a plugin tag in an article can use FlashCharts on his/her Joomla site.

We tested the plugin documentation extensively and it is excellent. There are no typos in example tags, everything works directly out of the box and clear examples are provided that can be copied and pasted for instant gratification.
We are also impressed how fast the graphs load and that you can link them directly to Joomla databases. This is a great feature that enables you to do more with your databases.

We give this plugin and its developer 5 stars for building upon the powerful FlashCharts framework, acknowledging the exceptional work of the FlashChart developers, the first-rate documentation of the plugin and the ease of using the plugin.
byGmaassen, November 7, 2009
A very useful and powerful solution to add scripts to a page. It should be part of the core functionality of Joomla.

The problem: I kept on running into the auto cleanup functionality of tinymce when I inserted scripts in pages. I looked for a solution to keep my scripts in an article while using tinymce.

The solution: Sourcerer. I no longer have to switch between editors, I can use tinymce and my scripts work. Just place the code between two tags in the editor and you are set. No need to switch to the html viewer. Thanks Nonumber.
byGmaassen, November 1, 2009
Dropdown Articles
This is one of the extensions my sites can not live without. It works out of the box. Well done. One suggestion for future releases: the option to select all categories/section and than exclude particular sections/categories. This would be nice, but is not essential.

Thanks to the developers.

byGmaassen, September 5, 2009
This plugin is very useful if you want to set up your own file sharing system on a Joomla website. It is especially useful if you want to share documents that are too large to attach to an email message and/or when you do not want to use other file sharing services or an FTP site. Since it is a plugin, you can insert repositories directly in an article with a simple tag.

The graphic presentation is great and the plugin works out of the box. Really fantastic.

One of the best plugins we have seen!!! If we could give it 6 stars, we would.
Content Templater
Templater is one those extensions that fill in a gap in the Joomla core functionality. Highly recommended for sites that need to standardize content.

Wish list: To be able to set a default template that is loaded in the article automatically for articles in a certain category - in the current version, users need to select a template from a drop down under the editor first.

This extension is excellent.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.
Content Templater is an editor button. |This basically means that it is activated once you click on it. It would be pretty tough to make it automatically place text end such as soon as the page is opened. It is probably posible, but I'm not sure I'm going to do it, because it has some drawbacks too.

byGmaassen, January 2, 2009
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I have used Xtypo for a while and it is a fantastic plug in for those who need beautiful CSS in articles. Installation is simple. Using the code is even easier.
The developers provide a very useful list of style examples in the plug in. You just copy and paste the syntax into your article and voila, it works.

After some trial and error, and checking the forums, I found out that IE7 renders the code differently than FF. Some styles work in both browsers (quotes), while other styles seem to generate problems with IE7(rounded boxes) - or perhaps it is better to say that IE7 is creating the problems, because it works with FF.

The solution is incredibly simple: When you copy and paste the code from the examples in the plug in, the typo coding syntax is in bold characters. This seems to be a problem for IE7. Just make sure the code you place in your article is not in bold and the styles work in FF and IE7!!!

Two thumbs for the developers.