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byGo4IT, September 18, 2008
I was trying to find a way to display different information/ads to my website visitors based on their country of origin. I was going to try and somehow use another module which is used to display IP Address and country flag for a website visitor but luckily I found this Metamod module first.

I initially tried it out in my test area and encountered a problem when I used it more than once on the same webpage. But within a few hours of sending Stephen an email he sent me a fix, which solved the problem. We also exchanged a few more emails and he explained how I could simplify what I was planning to do, so rather than call another module containing my Ad code I could actually put this code in the MetaMod module and not specify the id for a module to be call by MetaMod.

So now I can embed calls to MetaMod modules in my web page content using a mambot for this purpose, and have ads displayed relevant to my visitors country.

Another feature of the module I have not tried out but will be useful, is the ability to specify an end publishing date, so if need be I can stop ads being displayed for example when the ad offer expires etc.

An excellent module, exactly what I needed and more with fast an useful support from Stephen.