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I have rated this extension 5 stars although I did have a couple of issues these have been attended to by the excellent and quick support.

For my site we wanted to create a calendar showing the dj’s schedule for each day so the visitors to the site can see when their favourite dj is playing. The radio station can also add their own events to another calendar on the site which is dedicated to special broadcasts and charity events.

There were no issues with having 2 calendars on the same site and editing, adding and deleting events is really easy, especially recurring ones. The countdown module allows us to show the visitor who is on next and all this is supported with images. I must admit we have not utilised all the features of this component but for me its been great.

Finally, we have also recommended some additional features. Normally one would hope that these were going to be implemented but their support system actually shows your recommendation has been looked at and moved to a timline for future development so you can track its progress…well done and thanks for the extremely good support.
byGoHost4U, May 24, 2011
EZ Realty
I had been working in the real estate industry for some time having parted from my IT role of over 25 years. After months of trials and utilizing all manner of other systems (some Joomla based, some not) I was never fully satisfied with the results.

During the past 3 years I have gone back to my roots and using my commercial knowledge alongside my IT skills I have worked with many agents here in Spain to provide a complete solution for their real estate websites. Finally I took the plunge to actually part with some money as I was never satisfied with the results given by the free stuff and even less satisfied with the offerings of most of the paid extensions. However, EZRealty just seems to cover it all. Yes its one you have to pay for but the install and results are so easy to achieve the cost per hour is worth every penny.

The system is complete as far as virtually all requirements are concerned and you can easily utilise system into most colour schemes and template styles.

Support is some of the best I have experienced. There is a time difference for the developer so taking that into consideration I have been very impressed. Most of my support tickets have been answered within minutes during normal office hours and even on Sunday!

So if your looking for a complete solution which is easy to install and has fast support you need look no further. This really has everything you need to create a fantastic fully featured real estate website which doesnt just look good it actually works!
I have been looking for a simple way to extend the user registration for ages. All I wanted to achieve was to have additional information about the people who are registering on the site and to be able to approve the registration; simple...not so.

My current solution was a mix of mods and coms using Chronoforms to create the form and handle the registration and xiadminapprove for the approval part. It took ages to get right and although there is more flexibility with Chronoforms to create the form just how you want it is a long process if all you want is to capture an address for your prospective users!

So on the the extension...Its in early stages so I expect this will go from being excellent to being THE extension for user registration on J1.5. So far I have tested its functions and can say it just works as it says. But the most important thing is its simple and quick.

I know its a paid extension but hey the price is less than a few beers and the time it saves is well worth it.

Unzip the files locally and install using Joomlas install system. Set up the parameters and use the modules supplied instead of the Joomla ones and basically thats it. Ensure you have the plugin enabled! Add an extra field and its added to the registration form...add another and thats added to the end...change order and use different types of entry types such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons etc and hey presto it all works.

Each email that is sent to the user is easily changed to make your site more user friendly.

The extra data is stored separately on the database and can easily be viewed using the extended user view which is identical to the Joomla view but has all the extra information relating to your extra fields.

I have suggested a couple of improvements and must say the response was almost instant! They tell me they will include these improvments soon so watch this space.

These are:

Ability to select a landing page once the user confirms the email address
The ability to export the user details to a csv file or similar

I hope this helps and really cannot praise this highly enough.

No need to register on their site to buy...just select what you want, checkout and you get an email with the extension attached minutes later!

Great job!

Mark at GoHost4U