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byGoodTimesJeff, November 11, 2011
Works perfect, easy config and looks great online.
byGoodTimesJeff, October 20, 2011
Awo Email Login
Very cool, works as promised, no configuration, just allows login with email or username + password so added a little text to login module notifying users of their option. Three cheers!!!
byGoodTimesJeff, August 23, 2011
Simple Picture Slideshow
Super simple and easy addition resizes and displays photos nicely. Controls work and good documentation. Three Cheers!!!
byGoodTimesJeff, February 9, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
Thanks Mike and team for a valuable Joomla addition, we serve a tourist area where directions and traffic can be challenging, the map shows clearly with many view options, three cheers!!!
byGoodTimesJeff, December 10, 2010
Simple RSS Feed Reader
Nice module and easy set-up, works well except does not show images.
byGoodTimesJeff, November 2, 2010
Cache Cleaner
Cache Cleaner and the developer Peter at NoNumber is amazing. Our site was having some real issues and the core Joomla cache cleaner was crashing to a white screen, I installed cache cleaner easily and it immediately cleared our cache even when Fetch of Plesk would not. Peter went the extra step to help us order our plugins correctly and get the site working properly again. Three Cheers!!!
byGoodTimesJeff, October 20, 2010
Have been searching for a mobile converter for awhile and tried several, this is the first one I was able to make work and work it does, perfectly, nice conversion out of the box and many configuration options to dial it in. Three Cheers to the Captain!!! But where do I donate $ for the effort?
byGoodTimesJeff, July 19, 2010
We have tried several banner managers and like the simplicity and predictability of FlexBanner. Would be nice if we could reset hit results each month or keep a log to compare months hits though.
byGoodTimesJeff, July 19, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I have tried several mail components for Joomla and found ACY to be the best, easy configuration and works seamlessly. Highly recommend it.
Hi Nice plugin fer sure, working good on Reset Password, Remind Username and Contact, but not working on JA Highslide Register pop-up Create an account, which is where we really need to create a roadblock. Would love a fix for this.
Owner's reply

captcha will auto add only in core joomla forms (without template overrides).JA Highslide Register pop-up is not part of joomla core and so you need to use the php block mentioned in the documentation page.You can however set botscout options and will avail the passive spam protection for registration since the registration form has a field named 'email'

byGoodTimesJeff, December 18, 2009
MP3 Browser
My experience has been a bit different. I can not get the extension to work work and get no response from repeated inquiries to the developer. It shows download (but does not work), file size and time, but no Player. I have tried several templates and configurations, I really need something like this (showing entire directories) and would appreciate a solution.
GoodTimesJeff 2010-09-07 22:41:32

I have since gotten this to work very well, was a permissions problem at the host:-)
byGoodTimesJeff, November 17, 2009
This is a super plug in, really does a nice job of detailing individual page info automatically. Don't forget to configure and enable one installed though.