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you want to use it in a content?

Just take it, works fine and is easy to be installed, even in J1.7.3

It only lacks, if you want to use it inside a custom module with the attribute "prepare content" active. There it will show up even correctly , read the xml correctly and show titles and that it is playing correctly, but you will not hear the music.

Some hint for you, infograf: If i open additionally a content (with this player) and start/stop playing a song there, then the custom module player will work from that moment on until i leave the content page.

Of course, I would appreciate it, if this works too ;-)
Owner's reply

Better talk about this in the Support forum (link above).

Anyhow I do confirm the issue when the custom module is assigned to a sub-menu when using some specific 3pd extension menu module .
Here I got the issue with ARI Ext Menu. It looks like the js used is the culprit.
Please test on a parent menu item.

byGorgonz, November 25, 2011
Kide Shoutbox Lite
i like this tool. it is easy to install, easy to use and has all basic options onboard.

In addition it works seamless in v1.7.3 :-)