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Event Registration Pro
After using both Reg Pro and DT Register I'm afraid I can't recommend Reg Pro.

The site I was building required a large amount events (nearly 1200 a year) and I tried Registration Pro first since the first few reviews I read indicated it was an effective extension with good support(the lesson here is to read all the reviews!!). Before I could input half the events Registration Pro had crashed the site due to excessive memory requirements. Apparently it is a resource intensive extension.
I contacted support looking for an explanation or help in resolving the issue only to be told (24 hrs later) that the problem "wasn't their component"...and nothing else.

I continued to try and get some effective support for a few days only to receive the same type of replies. They continually blamed the server and not their component and offered little or no help resolving the issue. While it is true that the site is hosted on a shared server with limited resources...the same can be said of over 90% of the sites out there. I have literally dozens of sites using Joomla and a variety of extensions and have never encountered the errors Reg Pro caused.

When it became apparent that Reg Pro would not work for me I contacted them about a refund. Not suprisingly, I received the same reply I had before..."it's not our component"

In the end, I turned to Nathan and the DT Register component. It worked great and the support was immediate and very helpful. The site is up an running. Personally, I've had my last dealings with Joomla Showroom and their products.
Owner's reply

This client had issued because they had modified the database directly and as a result it was causing errors in the component. The only reason that a fresh install was done is to fully repair all of the database errors that were caused by the client. Once the reinstall was done the component worked fine and had no further issues.

byGregoryD, October 28, 2009
DT Register
Having used both DT Register and Registration Pro over the last few weeks, I strongly recommend DT Register.

I needed to build a site with nearly 1200 yearly events and decided to try Reg Pro. It crashed the site with less than half the events entered due to excessive memory requirements. Their support was at best accusatory and worst, ineffective.

I contacted Nathan about DT Register to see if I could expect the same results. He assured me I would not and promised that he and his team would help me work through any issues I had. He also promised a refund if his product failed to work...good luck getting that support from Reg Pro.

DT Register worked exactly as advertised. The site is up and running with no issues at all. Since it worked so well I had no need to test the support. However, all of my presale questions were answered nearly immediately...less than 30 minutes to receive a response.

Great extension.