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byGremlin, April 26, 2012
Joom Donation
I have been using Joomla since version 1.0 and have downloaded and used hundreds of extensions. This one ranks near the top of the list. It does what it says. I had a small problem integrating it with an emulator merchant account, and Tuan, the author of the software, worked with me through a trouble ticket on his site until I got things working.
byGremlin, November 5, 2011
KA Facebook Fanbox Pro
The concept of the module is brilliant and it really needs to be fixed before anyone else spends their money on it.

The Facebook Fanbox Pro module has an error in it when dealing with the FaceBook API (modes 3 and 4 of the module). The error will take an entire site offline. The support for this modlue is non-existent. Nothing. Nada. Occasionally they'll check in on their forums, ask another question, then disappear for several weeks - at least that is true when dealing with this one issue (which is a huge issue).

Bottom Line:
Would you install a program that could take your entire site offline? Then don't install this! Hopefully the author can report back here when the bugs have been fixed.
Owner's reply

We provided free support to this user for several weeks and had a look in the issue. We told the user the issue is not being caused by Module but most like it is because of the way server is configured. We tried to replicate the issue on our server but we did not have any problem.

Testing and replicating the issue on test servers takes time and that's why there was delay in replies. Long story short we in the end issued a full refund.

Module works perfectly as shown in demo and you can contact us if you would like to see it working on other live websites too.

byGremlin, September 1, 2011
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EXP Auto
I met the author of this extension via email while searching for a better Auto program than another extension that I was using. The author is really on top of keeping this extension updated. The extension itself it quite excellent. It has a huge number of features. So far I cannot think of nor have I discovered anything that is missing.

We are building a multi-site environment for multiple automotive dealers and needed a component that was ready for J-1.7 (the other Auto extension author is waiting for J-1.8), in addition to being well supported. This is the answer. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I have been using Joomla since v1.0 and have worked with hundreds of extensions. This one is at the top of the list.

PROS: It works / has a huge number of configurable options (insane number). You really can make this fit your particular site and needs through the back-end configs.

CONS: (this is actually a pro) When it doesn't work, the author will release a bug fix THE SAME DAY. He doesn't waist time waiting for his "next release" ... he just makes it happen NOW... Priceless!