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byGretchen, September 19, 2012
DPCalendar Lite
I am using this across two separate sites (for completely different businesses). The functionality is simple to implement and makes Google's calendar fit the look and feel of my sites. I'm not sure I have another extension that was as easy and simple to implement. The functionality is great as well, and I've seen other extensions that do not do this half as well. Great work!
byGretchen, May 10, 2012
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I am using Joomla 2.5 and the Joomla-recommended template that is free for general use. Based on the listing in and the reviews, I thought it would work. And it sort of does. The main content area takes on my template formatting. The sidebars do not. So it's working... sort of. Not entirely.

I had three tickets out to the support staff. One was unresolved. One I resolved after 3 days of no real replies. And the third they asked me to pay them to resolve, without indicating what the problem could be. In all cases, replies take a minimum 24 hours, with 48h common. The last few replies were confusing to me, because the developer first insisted that although the font, font color, font size were all different between my site and the WP module, he saw no difference between the two. When I provided screenshots to go with the super-admin login he had and the site URL he had used to make his original diagnosis, he asked for money. When I asked what he thought was wrong, he claimed that I could see that it supported other templates and the issue was mine. Note that no other templates are in my system, so I don't know how he tested that.

I'm willing to pay for additional coding if required, but in this case I felt that the support staff were not really reading or responding to my specific issues, and therefore couldn't be trusted to fix the actual problem.

So... the support was pretty bad. The template half-works. But I guess I have something that I can maybe try to fix myself now.

And I paid for this.