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byGrinse, October 21, 2010
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It's a nice Plugin, especially if you are too lazy to write the metas by your own (of course that would be the best).

But I figured out a big problem:
As soon as you publish a module (ex. mod_newspager) to show within the article you are currently viewing the meta tags are used from that module!

In the case of mod_newspager the meta description and the meta keywords of the first article showed in that module are used instead of the description and keywords from the real article!

Neighter Google nor me like that.

So please fix it with the next release (I tested version 1.2.4).
byGrinse, May 10, 2010
It could be a good Extension, BUT whenever you try to download it you'll be redirected to a file called packupdate_build107_2060.exe. And this file is a Trojan virus called FakeVimes!

So please correct your homepage and kkep an eve of your page (if it has been hijacked) or delete it (if you placed it there)!