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byGroverB, June 20, 2010
AwoCoupon Starter
I revisited AwoCoupon and this time around managed to get it to work. There seems to be a bit of a quirk, at least on my installation. If you make only one coupon, then that discount will be applied to the specific product regardless of whether a coupon code is entered or not. In fact the code field does not appear on the checkout page in VirtueMart though the discount is applied. If, however, you make a second coupon, even an unpublished one, the field appears in the checkout procedure and works only for the specified product as intended. That solves my problem once and for all.

Ideally, of course, VM will implement some additional parameters for coupon deployment though they seem reluctant to take this on for whatever reason.
byGroverB, November 6, 2009
Shadowbox Media Viewer
Being lazy at heart I like the fact that I can easily add shadow box to my existing images with just a bit of copying and pasting.
byGroverB, October 29, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
This plug in shows a lot of promise but the lack of captions for each photo is a deal breaker for me. I suppose the "PRO" version has that feature. For now I'll stick to good ol' html.
byGroverB, September 16, 2009
Sure beats messing with the database where one little error can really foul things up. With ReReplace just edit your item and errors are fixed on the fly.