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byGuitarstudent, February 10, 2014
Mosets Tree
I have been using Mosets Tree for a while now and this latest release seems to be quite good. The flexibility and such is great. With some digging and poking around you can customize almost anything with very little code modifications. I did however only rate the extension as average for two reasons. First after looking on the forum for answers to questions, I noticed that at least one other person has the same question I have and has almost a year without a reply. It seems that the support team picks and chooses which questions to answer. This doesn't look good and leaves me wondering what other issues may get missed/ignored by the support team. The second reason I only rated the extension as average is due to the fact that Mosets Tree doesn't make use of the Joomla ACL. Even on Joomla 3.2.x one can only still restrict content based on the three core user groups. This renders Mosets Tree pretty much a serious bother for anyone who requires the ability to restrict access to and posting of new listings outside or above the registered level.

If Mosets were to speed up the support response times and add the ability to set access permissions based on all avalable ACL entries instead of just the "standard" three options, this extension would well deserve five stars.
byGuitarstudent, January 8, 2014
I have always had issues with my sites picking up garbage users during live development. Since installing this plugin, there have been ZERO bogus attempts. This plugin seems to do the job without killing the server. The only catch/issue I have is that the interface is incomplete. There are entries that look like below and the tool tips/help bubbles contain the same useless information.

Had this plugin been checked and these issues rectified, this plugin would have had a perfect rating.