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byH.Numan, January 4, 2014
News Show Pro GK4
I wanted to try this extension, it looks promising. However it does not work in Joomla 3.2. You can install it, but that is as far as I got.
Owner's reply


Many thanks for your comments. We've actually started rebuilding NSP from the ground up, so if you're after the latest, feature-rich version of NSP that's compatible with the newest Joomla releases you should download the main 'News Show Pro' release, available via our site (just follow the download link on this page).

News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download and we will continue to provide support for it via our GitHub repository, but the general News Show Pro release will be the main version.

byH.Numan, November 24, 2012
A simple module doing a great job. Makes your default contacts look much better in a list.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review!

byH.Numan, October 28, 2012
GK Weather
I found this the very best weather module. Easy to install, looks nice.

But ... it installs itself in a separate subdomain. That's something the developer should inform the user about. Not somewhere on page 999 of a manual, but right away.

Apart from that, I certainly recommend this one. But I can't give it 5 stars due to the above problem.
byH.Numan, February 18, 2011
Art Total Menu Light
I was looking for a reliable dropdown menu. Plenty to choose from here. But ATML is fast to load, very easy to configure and consistent between browsers.

All you need to know is a bit of CSS to modify it.
byH.Numan, February 7, 2011
A very good plugin, it does what it needs to do. All you do is activate the plugin, set the size of the youtube, and your are good to go.

I like it very much, but I can't use it right now. Because you can't align the plugin as a picture next to the text.

Perhaps this could be added in a feature version?
byH.Numan, July 4, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Backing up a html site is easy enough. Backing up a joomla site is a very different story. So I thought. Until I found this little gem. Makes a back up as easy as a html site. Anyone can do it (I'm the living proof of that!). And everyone should do it.
You can also use Joomlapack to deploy your site from WAMP to life. Without mannually install Joomla first.

I have rate it 'excellent' for lack of anything better. Highly recommended!
byH.Numan, February 19, 2009
Simple Image Holder
Easy to install. Does what it needs to do. Even a beginner (me) can do it.

Suggestions for later improvement:
- make it easier to add the image, for example as the editor does.
- it would be nice if you can add more images

Apart from those two suggestions, nothing but praise!
Owner's reply

thank you for the great rating :)

as for your suggestions, making it easier to add images is not possible unless i make it a component, which will make it even more complicated.
as for adding more images, you can copy the module as much as you can, i think it is better to do so, so you can control each picture's position

thanks again