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byHBP1979, March 25, 2013
Import for K2
When converting our music magazine from an ordinary php site with a mysql database to Joomla 2.5, we used import for K2 to import over 10.000 articles.

We had to edit our old article database structure to fit extra fields In K2 before using Import for K2.
The proses of editing the database was easy, after studying an export of a K2 item using Import for K2.

The proses of importing all our articles where complete after 2 hours of work. Which is an unbelievable time saver considering that it took approximately 5-6 minutes to copy / past one articles by hand.
You do the math. ;)
Not all is this extension easy to use, but you also decide what it will cost you.

The only negative thing I can say about this extension is that we had a little problem importing our images, but if you are a bit creative, you can also solve this problem yourself. However, I was aware of this problem before buying the extension.
JE K2 Story
We recently transferred our entire music magazine to Joomla 2.5, and wanted our users to be able to write there one reviews. For that purpose, JE K2Story was the right extension for us.
I was very excited when I purchases the extension and everything worked, as it should.
However, when we were finished importing all our news, reviews, articles and interviews to K2, the JE K2story extension stopped working. The extension became slow when loading the submit site, and because of that it became useless. No users want to wait 2+ minutes before a webpages is loaded.

I need to point out that we have over 11.000 articles and 300+ registered users in K2.
I believe that it is cause of K2 story slowing down when loading.

However, if you have a small site or at least smaller than ours, this is the extension for you.