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byHLEBOEUF, October 17, 2012
What can I say, SQL2Excel was amazing, the support and development stopped.
I can't express how gratefull I am that Schultz took it over, added already some small items ...
This is just another amazing product that everyone can use.
One thing might be usefull, but maybo not allowed due to copyrights, the manual idsn' completelly finished and i don't have a Sql2Excel version anymore ....
I hope that as soon as they have time they can complete it.
Owner's reply

thanks for your kind words. The extensive documentation for jDBexport is next on our priority list (before adding any new features), however this will be done in a step-by-step task. Meanwhile you as customer can login to our website and navigate to the jDBexport -> Legacy issues, where you will find some helpful resources concerning the predecesor product sql2excel-pro.

byHLEBOEUF, October 9, 2012
I first took a fast look to their site. Attractive yes, overwelming no. Then I took a test-drive off the product ...
Off course did'nt read the manual first and started trying just like that. Thought that I had a good suggestion, quick reply that it was already possible. Fast and good support, even for a free product.
Very good backend to develop what you want !
byHLEBOEUF, September 14, 2010
RSform Pro
First the product itself is superb, i can create very complicated forms, get data from different sources, work with it and store, mail, whatever with it.
But the support is even of a better quality, just by opening a ticket you always get very accurate help/hints and even things that are not directy caused by the product (most our own silly erros) are solved.

One Word for this .... Excellent !!