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byHSorgYves, October 30, 2013
Install, configure and you are done! Very easy to use out of the box!

For problems there is support and RSJoomla! is answering all requests in less than 24 hours. So you get your problem fixed very quickly.
byHSorgYves, October 30, 2013
The perfect solution to get a slider with images on your homepage. Multiple modules are included and one suits responsive layouts.

If you get into trouble than the support will not leave you hanging. They respond very fast to your requests and always have good advice.
byHSorgYves, October 30, 2013
The perfect solution to get a mailing list integrated with Joomla! Definately worth the money.

If you use other extensions by RSJoomla! (like RSMembership! or RSForm!Pro) it integrates perfectly with these to get even more functionality.

And last but not least: the support is amazing and answering in less than 24 hours!
byHSorgYves, October 28, 2013
The concept of this extension allows extremely powerful configurations: you have connections to the social media and adapters for your content. In each adapter you can select which connection should be triggered...

If you purchase the MI version your possibilities are unlimited as you can add each connection or adapter multiple time. This allows for example to paste on several Facebook pages, to sent changes out per e-mail immediately while using the queue for social media, to use a different text for new vs. edited content...

When I first downloaded the extension it had several trivial errors. The support however revealed itself to be reliable and very cooperative. Everything - even minor customizations - was solved within a week. They even logged into my website to check configuration and help with problems.

Although it is an expensive extension, it is worth its money as it is by far the best social auto submit extension I know!
byHSorgYves, October 16, 2013
Facebook Share Button
The plug-in works as expected. It's look differs from the Facebook Like! plugin, but this can be changed with a few CSS lines.
byHSorgYves, October 16, 2013
Twitter Tweet Button
The plug-in does what is expected: it allows your guests to tweet a page. An URL shortener is however missing.
byHSorgYves, October 14, 2013
Facebook Like Button
At first sight it looks like a simple plugin but it's a very powerful and flexible one which can for example be used inside a custom html module.

And moreover the author is answering e-mails very quickly to explain or resolve encountered problems.
byHSorgYves, October 7, 2013
Install and you are done. Definitely worth the price!

And if you are not done, then the support is answering in less than 1 day to your support requests and even helps by checking your configuration or logging into your site to find a solution. Even small fixes are released in less than 1 day. The perfect mix for a commercial extension.
byHSorgYves, October 7, 2013
Email Activation
Install, enable and you are done!

Additionally the author is answering mails very fast and he is open to suggestions. The perfect mix for a non-commercial plug-in.