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byHalaster1972, December 21, 2011
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Hi - thanks for a great extension...

had this problem...

I wanted to use a module with Accordion effect to make a bunch of categories...and then link to an articles who had another extension (3-d slideshow) to show the actual slideshow.

it didn't work, because the articles was "hidden", could get it to work with menu-linked items (visible) - but couldnt find any nice HTML module...

This did the job !!!

easy to use, and my module popped up exactly where I wanted it, gratz to the developers - I am going to contribute !
byHalaster1972, August 12, 2010
I am pretty new to joomla (using 1.5.6) - with this mod i took my page to the next level. Easy to use, advanced, many options and a bit confusing at first - but after 1 hour it was all working just fine.

I read through many posts to see that I actually had to have my article being a jevent article for the big calender to show up in my Calender item... after that - was a blast !

Enjoy - keep up the good professional work - I might soon upgrade to a gold membership !