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byHar1equin, June 2, 2013
EU e-Privacy Directive
Good extension although not excellent as I had to go away and do some research.

I had it installed and working in seconds.

Following on from that I tested using a proxy browser and the message displayed so I went and installed the GeoPlugin mentioned. That solved that problem.

I then accepted the cookie from an EU IP and was presented with the reverse option so I wrote some fairly basic CSS to hide that once the cookie was accepted.

Overall a good extension and as the CSS dividers were separated for accepted and not accepted messages it was an easy fix to hide the message once a user had accepted the message.

Perhaps a clear form of contacting support would help for future development as this is by far one of the better Cookie Policy extensions available.
Owner's reply

Thank you for mentioning that you were able to hide the decline and reconsider options.

I made them visible because I wanted the extension to provide full circle options to the end user - they would always be able to reverse their decision.

My site has a contact link visible on every page (look for the big envelope icon on the top of every page)

byHar1equin, November 18, 2012
Red as a company seem to have perfected the art of over engineering an extension.

So much so that last year I lost a customer that grossed me well over 3,000 GBP per anum all because every time red cart fixed something (sometimes taking days to login and apply the fix) some other element of the extension went wrong. Badly wrong in some cases.


It worked right out of the box and I could setup a basic (and I mean very basic) shopping cart


Support was rude and arrogant (my customer saw some of the comments and of-course this reflected badly on me)

Admin UI extremely complex and difficult to use

Fit for purpose (as mentioned above) if all you have is a few products


I've hand coded carts, websites and web applications for well over 17 years and switched to Joomla simply to save development costs as clients are very concious about the cost of a project these days. Bad move in this case as Red cost me well over 5,000 GBP now as I would still have the client if it worked properly.

I've also held off writing a review as red was indeed still installed on one website of mine and I could not get it to uninstall without messing up the website but now I am free of red 100% and happy.

Sorry guys... You need to move the R&D in house and have more control and quicker, more professional response. It would help your business no end.
byHar1equin, September 29, 2011
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cPanel Info Pro
Like yourselves I manage a number of websites and even though I synchronise my users credentials for the Joomla and cPanal and my own website access they very rarely login to cPanel.

This displays critical stats quickly and easily for them on their own website and much easier than coding a solution myself.

One minor bug that I would like a fix for though:

When I ran it first time the div "cpanelInfoProSpacePercentage" was not shadinf in correctly, at all in-fact.

However, when I put a module class suffix in the backend this displayed but it changed the layout.

It'd be nice if this worked without having to use a workaround.
Owner's reply

Hello Har1equin,

First off thank you so much for using/rating our extension, you should have contacted us before rating it 4 stars, we are always more than happy to patch any bugs that our customers find in our extensions.

I will get this fixed right away, thanks again Har1equin.

byHar1equin, July 21, 2011
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I have been using JUMI for a number of years now to do things like:

Automatically convert prices into other currencies
Display dynamic content pulled from a table
Handle hand coded forms and pages

All in all it's been an extremely good application accepting PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML with only one minor issue that I had to code around:

I can't get it to fire plugins "{PluginName}" within the JUMI module or code.
Here's the process I followed:

Upgraded the primary website's Joomla installation using the Fantastico option available.
1.5.17 --> 1.5.22

Backed up the website.

As I used a copy to restore the primary website onto the secondary's domain I had to do a manual update through cPanel's file manager.
1.5.20 - 1.5.22

Backed up the website.

Applied the upgrade through cPanel's file manager.

Backed up the website again.

Exported users from the primary domain

Imported to the secondary

Backups not required but hey, you never know...!


Maybe a simple export & Import option for people like myself who simply want the data and can edit it locally later would be nice.

Reasonably intuitive but I still read through the process prior to executing the transfer.

All in all a good component and easy to use.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the nice review, but I'm still a bit confused: I tried hard to provide a simple export & Import option! True, while still providing a lot of functionality.

Posting a ticket or emailing me directly to detail the confusions and difficulties is much appreciated. Your comments may give ideas for future improvements.


byHar1equin, June 8, 2010
I've loaded this into a website and it worked straight out of the box.

Something I'd like to see in future versions if possible:

Alternative payment gateways including cards.

My client is using PayPal so he's more than happy with the current option.