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byHarryGov, August 2, 2010
I've been designing web sites for quite a while, but had never used Joomla as a platform for creating a site. I wanted to create some blogs, but wasn't happy with Wordpress, b2bEvolution, Moveable Type and a few others I sampled.

Joomla had what I wanted in a content management system, but was missing a blog component. After searching the Joomla site, I found jaggyblog.

The first thing that impressed me was jaggyblog's main website. It combined simplicity with a great design. Before purchasing the software, I viewed the installation demo on the homepage.

That demo made it crystal clear exactly what a beginner to Joomla such as myself would need to do to get jaggyblog up and running, and configured for my new Joomla site.

The installation went exactly as described in the demo at the jaggyblog homepage. I took advantage of a couple of the free downloads offered there, and have incorporated the Blog Categories into my new Joomla site as well.

I have had one question about a modification to the source code of jaggyblog, which I submitted to Ross at jaggyblog support on a Sunday afternoon. By that evening, I had an answer to my question, implemented the recommendation, and am set to go.

In my opinion, the combination of Joomla PLUS jaggyblog (for those wanting a blog capability on their site) is BETTER than any other option I tested with strictly Blogging software.

My static pages are completely independent of the blog section, which was the most important feature of jaggyblog for my use.

Discovering Joomla was a pleasant experience for me. The addition of jaggyblog to Joomla completed the experience in a manner which was much better than I had expected.

I highly recommend Jaggyblog to anyone searching for a very reasonably priced blog addition to their Joomla site. One of the few programs I've purchased where I've felt I actually got MORE than my money's worth.