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byHarryPhan, September 9, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
This application is worth for the money. Only with 8 euro you will get great application and great support.
From Application point of view, the reason i bought this application is Keyword Filtering feature. I have search all the corner of JED and i haven't found any application with this feature. Keyword Filtering feature will include or exclude the word / phrase you wanted to, but you cannot do it both. In my opinion, this will be good if the application can do "I want to include this but i want to exclude that". I'm sure the developer has it cross his mind.
Other think is, this application lack of autoscroll feature, it will be nice if the news can scroll automatically.
From the support perspective. The developer give me / us a great support. When you submit the ticket, you will get the response not more than 1 hour. I thought this application had Fast Response Unit.... :D
In my case, after my 1st ticket, the response came to me on 40 mnt, after that not more than 30 mnt.
As you know, I'm also get add-on (scrolling feature) for free
From Buying Process perspective, the process quite simple / short. The developer provide 3 method of payment, PayPal, 2CheckOut, and Bank Transfer(Offline). I Choose 2CheckOut, and the process not more than 30 mnt. And my order is approve.

Overall, this is a great application and great support.
Owner's reply

WOW! Great & analytic review.
Thanks for your good words! Yes, I can confirm, if a client/user request auto-scroll can send it to him the layout (tmpl) for free. I have not included yet in the package. Extra features will be added as soon as possible.

Order's automatically accepted if the gateway gives the "OK" to our system.

Thanks you