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byHash, January 26, 2011
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However, I have some issues with this Ninjaboard.
1. permission: I want to disable the users from posting the new topic. I did this by choosing "No access" for Topic, Post and Attachment. However, the "New Topic" button still displayed but after clicking it, the page show nothing. I suggest that the "New Topic" button should not be displayed if there is no permission.

2. cancel button: when posting the new topic, the cancel button works fine with the sample content. However, after creating my own content which is not English, the cancel button redirect to 404 page. It seems that the forum has some issue with non-English language topic title.

3. WYSIWYG editor: I know the security issues about the javascript code injection, etc. But we can prevent this in the forum using regular expression, etc, and because the other big forum system such as phpbb can integrate with jce editor.

To conclude, the forum has a very good look because it integrate with the existing look and feel of Joomla. However, it still lacks of some usability issues.
Owner's reply

Hi Hash,
Thank you for using Ninjaboard.

I'll try to respond to your issues here, but strongly urge you to contact us via the NinjaForge forum; Two of the issues you mention could have been resolved if you had done so earlier.

1. Permission: This is the first we've heard of this issue. The "New Topic" button will always show. This is a usability feature. Clicking on it will either create a new topic, or take you to the Login Page if you aren't logged in already. I'm not sure why you are getting an error page, but we have thousands of other users and no reports like yours, so it might be something unique to your website. We would love to help you fix this.

2. Cancel Button: This sounds like a bug but we've never gotten a report of this before. We know of numerous non-English forums (Greek, Russian, Chinese, etc) running on Ninjaboard, so this might again be an isolated issue. If you would be kind enough to help us replicate it, we would love to fix it.

3. WYSIWYG Editor: Most WYSIWYG Editors for Joomla (JCE, etc) are too powerful and while adding support for them would be easy, we think it would be irresponsible to do so because of the security implications. Users who don't know better might inadvertently give their users too much access and end up getting their sites compromised. We are definitely going to be adding a WYSIWYG Editor (probably in Ninjaboard 1.2), but it will be bbcode powered, not one of the existing Joomla ones.

Thanks again for the review; We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you on our forum soon, so we can help you with the issues you're faced with.

byHash, January 25, 2011
Tabs & Sliders
This tab is very good and very useful.

However, I am trying to hide the duplicate modules that are already shown in the tab. How could that be possible because it is not making sense to show two duplicate contents on the same page. Thanks.