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byHeRiNo, July 23, 2014
Popup System Messages
I start using PS bPopup Message V3.9Piad version) Its working really great and I must say that support is better then you can wish. Really quick and understandable. When I need other extensions, I first will look iff they have what I need. Keep going with this great extensions.

Regards, Herman.
byHeRiNo, April 29, 2014
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
I love this contactform. Its pretty easy to configure and to use. When I installed it there was 1 thing I didn't understood. But the help after support question was verry quick and understandable. Really great job!

Regards, Herman.
byHeRiNo, November 16, 2011
Well, its great! Arno, I have so much respect for you. I know you by your forum and I see how many time you spend at your forum, it never takes long to recieve an answer. You are the best. I am just an amateur who likes to make a webradio and run chatservers and the websites that are needed for that. The reason I use Joomle (cms) is that I don't have the knowledge to create a website on my own. So I found Joomla and later I found great extensions and I also found jDownloads. I used another one before but jDownloads is really great, quit easy to use and when you have a problem there is the forum that Arno runs so I am happy I found jDownloads and I hope you find it too soon. Enjoy it and Arno > Its Great!!