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byHekate, January 10, 2009
I installed JEvents for Joomla! 1.0.x under the impression that it was a decent calendar component. Unfortunately it wasn't. The most annoying bug was that if I defined an event as recurring yearly, JEvents ignored its settings completely and only showed the event once. I took extra care to make the proper changes at the settings - and no matter what, there was absolutely no way to successfully set an event to occur yearly.

In addition besides the monthly view, no other view actually worked. The browser error was always the same "the request is being done in such a way that it will never complete". There were search indexing problems, sef problems and events problems. In addition there was absolutely no support at the developer's forum, as anyone can see with a simple visit.

I had to uninstall it and chose JCal instead which actually works. What a waste of time...