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Henry Catherwood

byHenry Catherwood, July 3, 2013
JM Responsive Slideshow
Quick and easy to register.

Clear download area (some are not)

I have use the K2 data-source connection which is simply a delight. (I have also tested the Joomla standard data-source which works the same)

I had a problem using it on a test site using Joomla 3 and the support was amazing.

It now looks great and many thanks for the incredible high speed, faster than instant response.

Is it possible to have a negative timed response?....Yes!!

For anyone reading this. I created a new super-user login. Before I had then written on the support board I could see the login had been used. Very impressive. They actually had to wait for me to write up my problem on their board.

For those interested, the working version on my site is now 1.3.2, up from the download I had which was 1.3.0

Many thanks again for sharing and it looks just what I needed and was hoping for.


byHenry Catherwood, September 5, 2012
ARI Ext Menu
I needed a simple horizontal menu for the footer of my 2.5 site. I know this menu system can do loads more and I will look at these later, I just this need this menu right now and I don’t want to spend ages learning how to use it.

Other menus I have tried clearly pick and used their colour properties for the CSS but I didn’t want this.

This menu allows you to select and set the look and feel in the basic menu module properties.

It is simply “simple”, it worked first time, did exactly what I needed and I didn’t read a single help file other than a couple of the mouse over prompts on the settings.

Many thanks for sharing a great menu.