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byHertak, October 3, 2013
JUX Social Tabs
I buy this extension and install on my site, and the extension not work. I change some values and nothing. I write a support ticket and very quickly they answer with the solution. I have a javascript issue. In 1 hour i have the extension working perfectly on my site.
byHertak, August 8, 2013
I try several chat system on my page, but when i try Jbolo i love it. Is the best, simple and elegant chat system. I have some problem with javascript conflict but i solved on a few minutes. Is not a 5 minutes solution it take some hours. If you are looking for a good chat component this is the best.
byHertak, May 21, 2013
Flash Magazine Deluxe
At the first time i say what? impossible i can´t do this. But with 5 minutes of checking i understand perfectly.
You can have many magazine with different colours or layout in a very short of time.
I buy it to a client he have a real state paper magazine and want a digital version with Flash magazine i do this and more. Now the client have a real state Magazine online with 1 design and have many catalogue of his client on the same page.
Perfect, easy and customizable are the key of this component.
byHertak, May 21, 2013
Quiz  Deluxe
Quiz deluxe was a perfect solution. We have a site with moodle and need more control over de content, with a little of patience and good planning we create an excellent site. Quiz deluxe give us an excellent quiz system and his learning path was perfect to make the courses. We can replace moodle with quiz deluxe and unify everything on Joomla, perfect integration with community component and paypal.
Very easy to understand and customizable.
byHertak, March 26, 2013
Community Answers
A very complete component, simple to administrate and the best of all mobile Ready. Have a good look on Normal browser and mobile browser. Works perfect without a problem.
byHertak, March 8, 2013
Watchful Client
Incredible you take time for the site setup only one minute per site and then all in one place you can update, check or scan all your sites. perfect for me save my time and money
byHertak, February 27, 2013
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
10 minutes to understand how it works and 5 to configure. Work perfect and the customization was very easy. High recommended. I use it not just a Faq component i have on one site a list of professors like a slider component.
byHertak, June 25, 2012
AL Ratings
The component works perfectly, i put on different articles and works out of the box. Don´t have any issue and any conflict.
Only dont like the pre-sale i ask different question and never got an answer. I think the know are the only multi-criteria rating extension and don´t need answer pre-sale question. The other think i don´t like was his payment system, i use paypal and i have a international credit card i need to register on visa to take a number for buy the component to many steps i don´t like the visa page but they force to use the visa page. With paypal you buy in 2 minutes but with this system i lose about an hour only for buy a $15 components. This was my experience The componet excellent but the costumer experience horrible
byHertak, March 1, 2012
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AcyMailing Starter
This is the perfect solution for your newsletter. No problem, and the support was wonderful. in a few days i resolve a layout problem what i was making a new system and a new template. very recommendable. An the version Enterprise has all i need and i wish.
byHertak, December 7, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
Excellent component, very complete and very intuitive. If you need something simple or very complex Contact Enhanced is the solution.
Douglas was very quick to resolve any questions that I presented.
byHertak, September 27, 2011
Set Generator tag
So simple, so clever, it´s perfect. Woks very well in 1.5 and joomla 1.7. Thank you.
byHertak, July 28, 2011
Hotspots Pro
Very good component, flexible and useful. Excellent integration and very simple to use. Excellent support and fast.
byHertak, July 28, 2011
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Thank you very much, is just what I needed. I was waiting long time