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byHiggsBoson, July 6, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
I found this an easy to use extension. The instructions are clear and accurate. The various options were helpful to meet the design needs of my site.

For me, I would have liked the ability to turn off the message that appears after accepting/declining cookies. i.e I would prefer that once the user has made their choice no further messages are displayed.

I haven't yet worked out how to switch that part off - most likely due to me not reading/understanding correctly.

However functionally this extension is much better than some other EU-Directive extensions that I've seen.
Owner's reply

This extension is fully MVC. This means that you can override the module output to omit the parts you don't want to use.

You could do this by copying /modules/mod_eprivacy/tmpl/default.php into your /templates/yourtemplate/html/mod_eprivacy/default.php

Then edit default.php to remove the divs with classes "plg_sys_eprivacy_accepted" and "plg_sys_eprivacy_declined"

Overrides are super easy and really useful once you get the hang of them.