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byHolgate, October 14, 2012
I bought this product a little while back only to discover it wasn't ready. weekly and sometimes daily bug-fixes, it wouldn't work with my template/s - support was hit or miss and dint suceed in resolving my issues so several weeks in I abandoned it. However I found my self back at Ohanahs door after discovering I had actually signed a recurring payment within my paypal payment - my fault, however when I drew their attention to the multitude of problems without resolution of any kind and asked for a refund on the second payment I was shown the door. In short it was buggy and didn't work for me even with the limited support (I'm back with eventlist now) limited customisation available even with php and css alterations and pretty poor support. A great supplier website does not mean a great product.
Owner's reply

Dear Holgate.
We are sorry for your disappointment.
Ohanah is not under development, it is stable and 100% working since years. We release every week a new version, with some small bug fixes but also new extra features.
Ohanah automagically adapt to almost every template. Of course it is almost impossible for us to test it with every template available out there. Therefore we do provide support for the most known and respected providers on the market, what was probably not your case.

In any case, our engineers team is here to help you sorting out all kind of technical problems.
All you have to do is to open a ticket on the dedicated support platform and ask.
And in the rare case that we can not help you out.., don't worry, we have then a very friendly refund policy.

So please contact us to find a solution instead of wrongly choosing the JED as the place to manifest such kind of disappointment.

byHolgate, August 25, 2011
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Good looking, flexible, highly functional and an asset to my site. discovered it wasn't showing in IE (useless browser, however used by the majority of my visitors dialysisholidays DOT co DOT uk). Emailed Piotr sorted it out promptly! Turned out to be a bug in the template I was using, which he fixed for me even though there was nothing wrong with his module. A great favour from, I expect a very busy guy. Looks like I'm not the only very satisfied customer! Thanks Piotr.