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byHowvUben, August 5, 2006
Z Weather
Z Weather is a program with *infinite* possibilities. You can show one location or several. You can show the current conditions and weather forecast aligned horizontally or vertically--or you can break them up into separate blocks using the optional module. I have under a month's worth of Joomla experience under my belt and I was able to get the program up and running in 45 minutes and that INCLUDES finding the information necessary to set up my own locations. I did run into a little snag on the chron setup, but only because I have NO IDEA yet what all that path to file and mos stuff means! I emailed Dan and got an almost immediate response assuring me that the chron setup is not necessary for the program to function and that there are more specific instructions on the website at Since this is for my own personal use, I don't find I need it anyway! Ü