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Hrvoje Busic

byHrvoje Busic, December 7, 2011
BreezingForms (Lite)
We're using extension as a petition form on our official web. Petition is very important to us an we got all that we wanted from the extension. Adoptable, great video tutorials, endless possibilities.
Support was amazing and fast! Previously we used RSForm's but switch to Breezing Forms. Highly recommended.
Hrvoje Busic
byHrvoje Busic, October 5, 2011
Wishlist for Virtuemart
Best VM extension I have ever bought. Worth every penny. Installation was quick and works as stated. All the issues I had caused by my template were solved by support team. Support team was fast, extremly kind and professional. One of the best support experiences I have ever had regarding Joomla extension.
Simpy 'must have' extension for Virtuemart based webshops with no hack or code issues.