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byHutchy68, June 20, 2012
Fantastic plugin which brings back the feature of new user's email! Not sure why this was dropped in 2.5, but I'm glad someone made this plugin. The admin's email is even formatted correctly again!

Just turn off the send admin email in options under users(or you get two emails). The one this plugin provides with all the great info admins really need with new registrations and the useless one Joomla 2.5's core provides telling you just the name, username and the sitename. Still scratching my head about why the sitename is provide by the core notice. Anyway....

Thanks again for writing this great plugin!
byHutchy68, June 15, 2012
JCK Editor
I really want this editor to work! I download it every 2 months or so, try it and within an hour I uninstall it because it has too many quirks.

First off, make them one install, a plugin & management component.

Second, if you update a the manager file, make sure Joomla's extension manager can install it. I was getting a missing file error. Recent version updated 3 days ago and the core install file is missing?? I installed a previous manager, install worked but 500 errored when I went to admin it. I was able to install the current version of the manager over the previous using the installer(which must be separate) no 500 error. New manager version installed - no more 500 error. Why was this so difficult? Again, the management component & editor plugin should be installed as one!

Lastly, installed on a subdomain. Why is the manager looking for my template files in my main domain using the "system check" feature to setup the editor! I can't even begin to think of using the commercial version or wanting it if the free one doesn't work out of the box!

Uncomplicate it, then bundle it, then beta test it until it works perfect. The other popular editor has always worked right out of the box for me, using it for the past 3 1/2 years.
Owner's reply

Hiya, thank you for your comments, but there are reasons why our editor and component works as it does. Firstly the editor comes shipped with a number of plugins. As such we can not combine the component as on some customers websites it exceeds the maximum upload limit. Hence we are forced to keep them separated.

Joomla's extension manager sadly does not do everything we need it to. As such we had to extend it and add in our functionality. This allows the JCKEditor to have more flexibility which in turns allows you to tailor your editing experience to your requirements. We feel this out ways the additional click or two required to access our extension manager.

We have tested the editor in a vast number of website configurations including subdomains. However, if you believe you have found an issue, please raise a thread on our forum and we will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards,

Mark & the JCK Team