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byHutson, October 10, 2014
If you need a robust cart developed and supported by a solid professional team then look no further

I have looked at number of carts before migrating to VM2 from VM1 and was really suprised at just how much better VM2 is.

I was able to use all of the free included payment and shipping extension, but I know that if my business changes, there are loads of additional extensions that I could utilise.

The forum is very active - a simple search got me the solutions to most of my questions and when I asked a question with the right information I got very useful responses. It is good to know that I can get support from a wide user base rather than just depending on one or two developers (this appears to be the case in some of the other cart forums!)

You will want to spend time learning the product - and it is a good idea to have a test area/site to play with and learn on.

The VM team are actively adding features and ensuring the code is robust and secure.

I did consider cloud based options, but thank goodness I stayed with VM2 - I have far more control and access to my data.

I didn't think that this would be a problem but as my store has grown, I needed more control, being able to get at the data for reporting etc has given me the edge that I needed.

The negative reviews I see here, I just don't understand.

This is a solid and professional e-commerce solution. With a ton of essential and enhanced features, easy to template and customise as required.

I would happily pay for this extension - but the team offer it for free - go figure?

VM team keep up the great work!!
byHutson, July 10, 2013
Felt the need to review this extension as it works so well. I used the community version which works perfectly

I ended up donating 9e to the developer, just to say thanks.

Used on an e-commerce site to great effect!

Needed to keep my search page position for items that have been replaced by different ones with different urls. Did not want the dreaded 404 to lose me site position.

ReDJ is the perfect solution for the job!

When I changed a range of items it was simple to use the pattern matching to create one redirect that sent all possible urls from a range to the new page - saved me hours of work.

Make sure you read the tutorial/documentation and you will see how powerful this plugin really can be if you need it to be.

A query I had was answered so quickly be the developer - another massive positive for this product.

Oh, and don't miss the ability to define a custom 404 page in multi language.

byHutson, September 21, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Superb plugin that works straight out of the box, up and running in 2 minutes.

I have now installed on all the sites I manage and will continue to do so in the future. No need to mess with module positions or templates to insert the tracking code yourself.

Well done Bigshot.