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Hype IT

byHype IT, February 14, 2011
I have to agree with the poster before me.

This Component gets installed onto all sites these days. It has various levels of difficulty that you can try. The Quick Mode has served me well so far.

The extensibility of this component is excellent. I have read the forums and the things you can do are also well documented.

SUPPORT..... I have to say, has been excellent. I have used support twice and both times it has been QUICK and FRIENDLY, and answered my queries with no problems.

I have been meaning to add a review for some time, if only to rave about the support.

Thank you for allowing my to increase my form building knowledge by providing such an excellent product.

Did I mention it even comes with sample forms :)

Markus and the Team make paying for this extension worth every dollar.
byHype IT, February 14, 2011
Content Templater
I recently found myself needing to set up content templates when making an intranet site.

I turned to Content Templater. I found that this suited my needs perfectly, forcing content into categories without needing to explain to users how Joomla works. Perfect.

I came across an issue whereby an override I set, wasn't actually overriding the field as expected. Peter actually logged into my live site and investigated and fixed the bug. Then released a new version 5 minutes later for everyone to make use of the fix.

Here is a guy who provides this plugin for FREE. and then goes out of his way to maintain it. I didn't hear any of the usual "it's your template, go speak to your template provider".

Thank you Peter, you can provided an excellent plugin with even better support. Thank you.