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byIñigo, June 26, 2012
Dear Sir or Madam,

I downloaded the component a few months ago and it is working really good. I have no complaints about it because it is really helpfull and easy to work out.

However, as it is made for restaurants and similar business, I would highly recommend and ask for an update. What I really miss is the following update. I am a spanish native speaker so I will try to explain it as good as I can.

If I were a customer I would not be allowed to book a table at 6:00 pm for example. But if I want to make this happend I cannot cut the schedule between lunch and dinner time so times goes on between 1:30 pm to 23:30 pm without "closing times", so we have to send an email to the customer describing the opening times which should be included in the booking component.

It does not help us with our daily tasks and we would be highly pleased if you could make this happend.

Once more, many thanks for your support. I tried to explain it as clear as possible. If you have any doubt related with my explanation please do not hesitate to answer and ask for a more clearly description.

Many thanks. Your support has always been useful.

Best regards!