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I picked this because it appeared to deliver a lot of different options and it delivers! I had a few questions when trying to configure but Adrian was quick to respond and helped me to get everything up and running the way I wanted. Can't believe all this support & capability is free! It far exceeds expectations. Thanks to Adrian for an excellent product.
Community Builder
I have been using CB and CBSubs for 5 years now and have to tell you that what makes this software worth having is the extraordinary support from their staff. I also, of course, LOVE the capabilities that CBSubs offer and was unable to find in any other extension. I manage a community site and needed to be able to have several types of membership and only one type could access certain content. Initially I had trouble configuring the memberships but the support staff helped me through this process and its still working years later. All of the staff that helped me years ago are also still there! Now I have two sites using CBSubs and I'm in the process of upgrading to all current versions of software. I've already run into a few snags with Joomla and had help from their forum, and am just starting the CBSubs and feel confident that their staff will be there to assist when needed. Response time is always faster than expected and they always know how to help get me out of the sticky spots that I sometimes get myself into. This is top notch support.