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byIBeRKa, June 28, 2012
I had some good reasons for trying to use this Component:

* neat and nicely working way of dealing with venues
* good looking design
* nice feature called module injection

BUT ...
... I regretably have some other reasons why I will NOT(!) use this component:

* Auto-publishing of newly added events does NOT work
* you can't publish reoccuring events from frontend.
* There is not the least ACL control or effect.

The only way is to set the access level for adding an event to something like "registered" or higher. But latest when wanting to publish it, you need an account with at least backend login. And for Ohanah doesn't have the least possibility of setting access levels, the account you ned for publishing must has rights on all other components by default. Regretably not acceptable for my project.

I really would have like to use it, but for me, it's insufficient and - compared to other Joomla!- components - inomplete.
What a pity.

Regards, Me
Owner's reply

the features you are speaking about are nowhere written as official features of ohanah.
you also had 3 full demos and detailed information on the product page.

so it is quite incorrect to come here claiming for them and also claiming for the technical issues that you could have solved through our dedicated support team.

if even you would have accessed the support system and asked for help, our tech engineers would have been more then happy to help you out.

byIBeRKa, March 20, 2010
Finally a component that works as it should! Perfect!