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byIMAG, March 8, 2014
Remote & Local Image Manager
Great extension, great, great. I used on my site, but then had to remove it for 2 reasons:

1. My firewall alerted me that it creates two folders with chmod 777, which is really dangerous security wise.
They are the thumbnail folder /.tmb

2. My admin folder is protected with a password. when I use this extension, the front end of my site displays the pop up window asking them for the admin panel password.

I think it is the best extension for images, but there are things they need to take care of.

Note: support site and documentations links are wrong. There is no support on their sire currently.
Owner's reply


About problem 1, this folder is auto generated by elFinder, not my extension. And I think it will not be a bit problem because files begin with dot is hidden, it will auto protected by Apache and there is nothing can do in a thumbnail folder.

About 2, I'm not sure how you can use this extension in front end, actually RemoteImage is not able to use in front end and it should be blocked, there are no buttons can open RemoteImage in front and. We are not recommend to use it in front end until we support it.

Otherwise, still thank you for support ore extension.

Any problem please report here:

We'll fix the link to Github issues.

Thank you.