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byIMCStage, November 12, 2011
DPCalendar Lite
This component looks amazing and I respect the reviews of those who have come before me, but this component with modules and plugins was just WAY TOO complicated for me. Joomla has been a part of my life for the past 5 years. I understand the importance of perseverance when it comes to some of these applications. So, I committed myself to the process, like normal.

But after 2 1/2 hours of fiddling with this I am extremely frustrated with not being able to load my own content. After 1 hour, I decided to slow down, retrace my steps, and follow the steps in the tutorials more closely. But one hour and a half later - NOTHING. Absolutely NONE of my content will pull into the calendar. It looks like many others have been able to get the hang of this, thus the positive ratings.

But, as for my own personal experience, I have wasted 2.5 hours of my time trying to get this component to work. Worthless. Very frustrating.

Fair rating because it looks good and because some have been able to get it work.
byIMCStage, October 31, 2011
My MP3 player and Podcast
We have a website that features a plethora of independent musicians. The request kept coming in for us to allow them to feature their own music in JomSocial. I hesitated purchasing this plugin for almost a year. The website would switch languages on me and I was just not confident about security and a successful transaction. No worries. It all worked out perfectly. Installation and music upload in 5 minutes. Works perfectly!
byIMCStage, October 31, 2011
OSE Membership™
This is a huge component with many nooks and crannies. I underestimated it and thought that I could just "install and go" a few days before my company's website went live. Not the case.

At the beginning of the weekend, I sent a frantic message to OSE and requested assistance, explaining the time-sensitive nature of my situation. And despite the fact that this company's employees don't work on weekends, Helix and his team came to the rescue. Over the past few days, every single issue has been resolved.

This is an amazing component, matched wonderfully with the accompanying level of customer service.

And for those concerned about the cost, don't worry. It is well worth it.

Thanks Helix and team. You really saved the day!
byIMCStage, October 26, 2011
Simple Youtube Channel
The module works nicely. We had an issue with it pulling in the correct videos and reached out to Omar. But while we were waiting for a response from him, we found a fix that works great for us.

Omar responded within the hour and was very pleasant. We love this module and plan to use it on our business website permanently. It looks professional and was relatively easy to install.

We had two problems: 1) After testing a few playlists, we discovered the two of the playlists would pull in the wrong vidoes (while the others worked just fine.) 2) We could NEVER get the module to recognize our actual channel. The fix. We created a playlist that mirrored the channel and linked the module to that playlist instead. Works like a charm.

4 Stars. Definitely worth the $10.