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byIVGJ, October 4, 2013
Spider FAQ Lite
Nice FAQ. Works great.

But to the developer. Please make it responsive.
byIVGJ, October 24, 2012
Load module into article

The installation went well tried it but if you have the module else where on the page and you want it in the article also the module disappears from the normal position it is in and is only getting shown in the article.

Would be great if you could display the module two places at ones without having to make a copy of the module so that you have two identical modules.
Owner's reply

Some modules are badly programmed so they can not be used on the same page twice (like the smartsearch module in the Joomla core). That has nothing to do with the workings of this plugin.

byIVGJ, October 23, 2012
FW Gallery
I installed it had some problem with the translation.

I wrote to the developer and a nice girl named Julia helped me with the best support i can get 4 FREE!

They fixed the translation problem in a day.

Overall a great component. I surely cant complain about it at all.

Keep up the good work :-)
byIVGJ, October 12, 2012
ARTIO Booking
First i had a look at this extension and it looked great for my site.

I installed it and got it up and running then i hit a wall. I can only make two objects. If i want to have more than two objects i have to pay.

Why then write that it can allow booking of one or more objects.

The payment doesnt work either.

Great extension. I have it on one of my joomla 1.5 sites. But i would be really nice if it could be installede on joomla 1.7 to.

I will look forward to that. Hopefully in the very near future.

byIVGJ, September 9, 2011
Admiror Gallery
Thanks for a good Extension. Its not eyt perfect because it needs image resize on upload, so a 5 mb can gets resized down to only few kilobytes instead. The other way keeps up alot of space on the server.

Hope it Will be added in further development.
byIVGJ, May 9, 2011
Simple File Upload
Before i will give this module an excellent review grad, i would like to have my warnings gone. Tried some possibilities but no luck. I have written to the developer, but no luck there either.
Owner's reply

So sorry that you aren't 100% happy with my module...

As you wrote I have tried to help you but as you could not provide the logs for your server it is impossible for me to try and solve your issue with why the Warning is posted.

If you reduce the logging level for Joomla from Maximum the Warning will not be visible and SFU will still work fine...

Please let me know if you can get hold of the logs.