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byImageVillage, January 10, 2014
VM Mass Update
After 6 years building Joomla websites it is rare to come across developers that take such pride and care in their components. Don't get me wrong there are some fantastic components, modules and plguins out there....but this one, well, OUTSTANDING!

I did initially have an issue with response over a problem i had with VM MASS UPDATE but truthfuly, part of the blame was mine and my lack of testing functionality or reading the in depth user guide provided. Emilian has resolved any concerns i initially had with this product.

If like me, you look after Virtuemart stores for clients and we all know the endless issues we have to deal with Virtuemart and you need that little something "EXTRA" to aid management, then this isn't the product for you, if your looking for something to TOTALLY transform your Virtuemart products, custom fields/attributes, fast and efficient control of multiple products through an impressive and easy to use interface THEN BY THIS PRODUCT, IT IS OUTSTANDING!

Truly, Emilian is amazing, the thought and ease of use of the VM MASS UPDATE component is worth THREE times the current price. In all my years of using Joomla i have NEVER come across such an outstanding component, truly the time this saves on product management is worth it's weight in gold. I shall keep a close eye on future product developments from Globacides, PHENOMINAL, dig deep, pay up it's worth EVERY peeny and more. Then simply install, sit back and sigh a sound of relief, at last some-one has finally turned an aspect of Virtuemart that sucked your will to live into a painless and simply BRILLIANT way of managing client content.

Well done and thank you whole heartedly for a truly outstanding effort, thank you so much, this has changed VM2 for me in ways i could not imagine, you are EXACTLY what the Joomla community needs, think outside the box, understand the users needs, impliment an easy to use interface and inspiring will find Globacide Solutions.

Genius! :)